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Success cases

Removable partial dentures
For the Medical Device Industry

A defined gloss, no change of the work piece geometry, dimensions and edges and, above all, a flawless surface finish were the requirements of one of our dental customers.

Looking for innovative surface finishing methods which allows to offer the polishing service with outstanding quality and a smooth workflow, avoiding bottle necks in the production, TEAM ZIEREIS found the DLyte systems.


The DryLyte Technology allows to achieve a perfect surface finishing of removable partial dentures, drastically reducing lead time and manufacturing costs, improving final results and reducing negative impacts on workers’ health and environment. All this while maximizing the capacity per cycle of the DLyte equipment.


In this document, you will learn why dry electropolishing is the preferred process for the surface finishing of RPDs.

You will also learn:

  • Why dry electropolishing is more effective than current methods

  • How dry electropolishing works

  • Benefits of dry electropolishing for the dental industry

  • Cost analysis of DLyte’s Dry electropolishing applied to a dental laboratory

Download your free copy and learn how an RPD’s manufacturer improved the quality of its products and its profit.

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