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We support you.

We offer advanced services all around the world throughout the life cycle of your product. From engineering services for the development of surface finishing processes, to training, on-site consulting, machine set up, new production setup, technical service and spare parts, advanced training for operation and maintenance of the equipment, and services in the digital field to enhance machine availability and optimise manufacturing processes.

A comprehensive solution including tools and fixtures, process programming, production simulation and support, as well as integration in the production chain, loading/unloading, etc.

DLyte Store

The DLyte Store is the newest platform specially designed for current clients and partners, where they will find all the updated DLyte product range.

This portal is an online catalogue and can be used by all users to view the customized account information, and take advantage of a faster ordering option by choosing the needed products and making online quotation requests. You can quickly track the quotation requests placed, by checking your order history in your profile.

The DLyte Store is linked to the DLyte HUB, therefore only customers with a DLyte HUB account can access the DLyte Store. For the moment, the platform is only accessible on desktop version.

DLyte Store
Hub digital platform

The new HUB DLyte portal is now here. A unique access point to the DLyte world where you can activate electrolytes and download user and maintenance manuals, product technical data sheets and process parameters for your DLyte machines.  This new, easier and more convenient access to consumable activation allows you to be more efficient and provides greater security. 

 You will also have access to relevant information about new products and services, as well as the monitoring of consumable stock to help improve its management. HUB DLyte will let you get the most out of your DLyte systems. The new cloud platform gives you access to all the information you need about your polishing processes, electrolyte status and much more.

How Do I Access the HUB?

You can access the platform from your normal browser or using the mobile app (iOS or Android). We emailed you with your access code, which you can change in your user profile.

If you did not receive an email, please select "recover password" and we will email your access code to you right away.

Once you have logged in to the platform, you will be able to view all the DLyte products available to you today.

How Do I Activate My New Electrolytes?

To activate your new electrolytes, simply enter the serial number of your DLyte machine found under the "My DLyte" menu on your machine, as well as the code on the label of the new electrolyte you want to activate. In the image below you can see the code highlighted in yellow.

If you carry out the activation from your mobile device or tablet, you can also scan the QR code on the label of the electrolyte cube.

desbloqueo electrolito.jpg

Once you have entered the two codes mentioned above, the platform will show you a generated code that you will need to enter into your DLyte machine to complete the activation of your new electrolyte. The machine will display a message confirming that the process was completed successfully.  

Test Lab

Our metal surface finishing test lab develops the finishing processspecially designed for your workpiece and your application. We design the right process for you based on a sample of your workpiece and technical request. Our expert guidance and technical advice are essential for an optimal process.

Our team of skilled on-site chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineers develop the perfect process for each part. The key parameters are:

· Quality, size and chemical formula of the media

· Material, weight, design and production process

  of the workpiece

· Finishing requirements

· Motion, capacity and electrical and mechanical

  engineering design of the DLyte machine.

test lab

Our process development department records professionally all the relevant parameter to ensure the efficient reproducibility of the process. The output of our test lab is a Technical Surface Finishing Report with essential data of the process and results, including surface measurements and a proposal of equipment and media.

Detailed studies of the finishing process to provide a solution to the technical, production, quality and economic requirements established by the client.

Send us your samples and we will be happy to develop the best surface finishing process to achieve your processing goal.

Test Lab1.jpg
Training & Consulting

The training we offer is specially designed for application engineers, operators and service engineers. Our company offers consulting in process development from the idea through the design, manufacturing, commissioning, installation and correct operation.

Our advisors will guide you to find the best suited solution to your needs. In the case of not having a standard solution already implemented we would be more than happy to customize a solution to fit your needs. 

Customer service

Our service engineers will assist you through your Dlyte experience. A team of qualified engineers will answer any questions you may acquire in order to achieve the best solution for your needs.

Our dedicated and experienced team advice and support installation, start-up and process set-up to allow quick start with DLyte and programmed maintenance and instant troubleshooting so that you reduce downtime of your equipment.

customer service
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