The most advanced, powerful and versatile
surface-finishing machine on the market.
Precise metal surface finishing for mass production

The new DLyte PRO500 performs high-quality metal surface-finishing better, faster and more efficiently with processing times ten times better than current technologies.

This machine brings the disruptive Drylyte Technology based on electropolishing using solid media to mass production. 

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High capacity
and versatility

The great versatility and high capacity with multiple work piece holding system and a wide range of material compatibility maximizes return on investment.


Large work piece quantities can be handled as DLyte PRO500 is equipped with 8 perimeter spindles for single or multiple work pieces per holder, optimizing capacity and performance.

Single and multiple
work piece Holders

The work piece holders or fixtures containing the work pieces are specially designed to optimize the results based on the piece geometry and finishing requirements. The large versatility of the holding systems ensure capacity optimization for several applications and versatility to use one machine for a wide range of pieces. 

Working volumes:

- Up to maximum 500 mm Ø x 250 mm volume part

- Up to maximum 8 holders of 200 mm Ø x 250 mm volume

Best-in-class repeatability, performance and capacity with the latest technology

Repeatability and high output is achieved with innovative power electronics, utilizing the new SIC Pulser technology, with 8 independent high frequency rectifiers synchronized by optical fiber, delivering up to 360 Amps and 35KW. The new reliable electronics provide better surface finishes, more homogeneous results and shorter cycle times.


With the disruptive DryLyte Technology

 DLyte systems combines the electrical flow created by a high-precision rectifier with movement of the pieces through the solid electropolishing media to remove roughness from the pieces

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Inteligent software with customizable programs

Easy operation and Advanced automation performed by PLC-based control electronics and a new intuitive interface. It maximize the performance and finishing results with its real time parameters optimization based on conductivity and temperature control. The intelligent software adjusts parameter to preserve electrolyte quality and prolonged its lifespan. It also detects the state of the electrolyte and the remaining useful life. This guarantees repeatability and consistency between cycles.

Wide range of materials

DLyte PRO500 delivers the full range of electrical parameters, from low to high frequency, parameter concatenation and asymmetric voltage. 

In addition, it allows the user to search the ideal parameters for its pieces in the library of processes in the Polishing Manager APP. 


Cobalt Chrome 

Stainless Steel

Carbon Steel


Nickel Alloys

Aluminium Alloys

Copper Alloys

Titanium Alloys

User-friendly interface with Advanced HMI

12 inch Panel with TFT color widescreen display. High performance, functionality and numerous integrated interfaces offer the greatest convenience in DLyte application.

Multiple movement combinations with a robust design

The mechanical systems of the DLyte PRO500 are robust, precise and reliable, designed for mass production. They enable the perfect combination of multiple movements and vibrations, maximizing performance. 

Adaptative independent cathodes

The system includes the possibility to activate the perimeter and inferior cathodes independently, based on the requirements of the polishing. This function allows to achieve finishes of greater precision by adapting the electrical current flow to be optimized, based on the geometry of the piece, achieving a more homogeneous finish. In terms of the geometry/shape of the piece, achieving a more homogeneous finishing. This function provides to the system greater versatility compared to the alternative solutions in the market. 

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Quick coupling for easy plug and release of the holders

The new holder fixation system with positive pressure fixation and automatic locking system with pneumatic connection, reduces the loading and unloading times and ease of use. The vibration system of the holders is integrated into the machine, allowing a stronger vibration supply to the piece, and a substantial decrease on the weight of the holders.



Keep an eye on your production processes at all times with the compact and reliable warning light tower. 

Sophisticated and reliable safety mechanisms

The design of the frame and its panels facilitates the access to the internal components for easy maintenance and operation. The eight power units are located on the sides of the machine with forced cooling and separated from the control unit located on the rear side. 



With an electromagnetic holding force of 500 N or 1000 N, the safety gate systems prevent the safeguard from being opened unintentionally. Thanks to manipulation-proof actuators they offer maximum safety. 



The safety light barriers enable an ergonomic work environment. This is the case when operator intervention is required as part of each cycle, such as insertion work, or the loading and unloading of work pieces.

Easy maintenance access

The design of the frame and its panels facilitates the access to the internal components for easy maintenance and operation. The eight power units are located on the sides of the machine with forced cooling and separated from the control unit located on the rear side. 

Full Connected, digital

This digitalization of the production allows you to monitor the process, receive system status updates, track a maintenance schedule, and update polishing programs monitoring, status of the system, maintenance schedule or download and update polishing programs, electrolyte status, and the traceability of the processes required for the most demanding industry.

4.0 Industry

DLyte PRO500 is a totally connected machine. It comes with Ethernet and USB ports, and it connects to the new client’s portal in the cloud “HUB DLyte”. 

The new customer portal that unifies all the services you need for a high quality finishing.

Easy waste  management
and low waste and water consumption 

DLyte system does not require closed-up system to recycle water and sludge waste treatment machinery with the corresponding space, labor, water and environmental license costs savings. The disposal of the dry electrolyte is handled by Standard services.

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Compact footprint and multiple process replacement

DLyte PRO500 replaces several post-process steps and save space in the factory as it does not require additional peripherals as water recycling or waste management as other technologies do.

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