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GPAINNOVA to Present its New Electro-Blasting Technology at Formnext 2021, Frankfurt

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

NOVEMBER 9, 2021

GPAINNOVA, a leading technology platform specializing in surface finishing electropolishing technologies with almost 600 customers worldwide, will take part in Formnext 2021, the main trade fair for additive manufacturing (AM) and industrial 3D printing. On the occasion of this event, that will be held from November 16th to 19th in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), the group will be presenting for the first time its latest solution: DLyte eBlast, a patented electro-blasting system based on projected electropolishing.

Additionally, GPAINNOVA will be also showing some of its dry electropolishing equipment for industries, which will be available at hall 12.1, booth F101.

A New Finishing Technology for Complex Geometries and Large Parts

GPAINNOVA’s new system to be showcased for the first time at Formnext 2021, DLyte eBlast, is an electropolishing equipment that offers a stream of solid-electrolyte particles propelled by a non-conductive liquid media to improve the surface quality of metal pieces.

This electrochemical surface finishing process is especially designed to surface finish large or heavy parts, or with complex geometries which are difficult to polish by immersion or that require a localized finishing, like welded areas. The new electro-blasting technology is perfect for blind holes, slots, occluded areas and inner channels.

This new way to apply electropolishing allows a focused surface finishing, as the media is projected towards a localized area of the piece. DLyte eBlast joins together some benefits in comparison to other surface finishing technologies. The main advantages are that this process can be applied locally in the required area, and that the non-conductive liquid protects the surface from uncontrolled oxidation during the process, as the liquid replaces atmospheric oxygen during the electropolishing process to have a protective environment, thus avoiding piece’s oxidation and pitting. It also provides a more accurate control of temperature while polishing and achieves the lowest roughness. This feature improves the final appearance of metal parts, with no pitting on the metal surface. To sum up, eBlast joins the optimal geometry preservation, the fact of not rounding edges and a selective surface finishing offered by the DLyte systems with a localized surface finishing.

The Ultimate Solution for a Wide Range of Fields

DLyte eBlast is highly recommended for parts requiring very low surface roughness (below Ra [final] < 0.01 μm), as it achieves high-quality surface finishing without undesired side effects on the surface and with low material extraction. It also provides high brightness on the surface. The results meet completely the needs of clients demanding a mirror-like finishing. This technology can be applied in molds, welds, cavities, complex geometries, channels and AM parts. It allows electro-blasting to provide finishing solutions to any industrial sector as the dimension of the piece to be treated is no further a limitation of the technology.

GPAINNOVA will present in Frankfurt a new patented semi-fluid electrolyte aimed at immersion systems. This media has been especially created to surface finish parts which require very low roughness and ultra-bright finishing and parts with complex geometries which are prompt to present non-homogeneous surface finishing or pitting created when the dry particles get stuck on the surface. It is composed by free solid polymer particles and a non-conductive liquid which acts as a lubricant and thermal stabilizer. Additionally, the liquid protects the surface during and after the process as it replaces oxygen.

Another innovation which will be shown for the first time during the exhibition is GPAINNOVA’s new surface finishing solution developed to finish tungsten carbides and can be applied to punches and drill bits, among others. The new formula is able to finish carbides, achieving homogeneous surface finishing results across the surface with roughness below 9 nm, unaltered superficial chemistry, no leaching effect on the metallic binder and in a short polishing time.

Other DLyte Machines to be Exhibited

GPAINNOVA will be also exhibiting the smallest dry electropolishing machine of the market: the DLyte Desktop PRO, launched in April 2021. Due to its low price, its small dimensions (450 x 521 x 471 mm) and for not requiring a special pre-existing or compressed air installation (it works with a plug-and-play system), this device allows any industry, no matter the size, to successfully automate its production. In addition, the booth will count with the DLyte PRO500, the most versatile, advanced and powerful equipment for mass production, and the DLyte 100I, the largest laboratory machine for industrial applications.

Even if this machine will not be available due to space constraints, attendees will be ofered the opportunity to learn more about the new DLyte PRO500 Automated Cell, which was launched last month at EMO Milano 2021. It consists in an equipment created for a fully automated workpiece handling that can be easily integrated in mass production lines. This working cell combines one or two DLyte PRO500 machines and it is equipped with a robotic FANUC arm and a rotating module that contains up to 64 pre-loaded holders. This solution allows the system to continuously work without the need of human interaction, thus increasing technician’s productivity and safety. DLyte PRO500 Automated Cell has been developed with the support of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 grant.

All the visitors interested in polishing their own metal samples can bring them to this trade fair and get them treated for free by GPAINNOVA’s staff.

For all the people and companies interested in attending the exhibition, GPAINNOVA has secured a ticket contingent. Visitors can claim free admission by filling out this form: (free tickets are limited).


GPAINNOVA is a technology group born in 2013 in Barcelona (Spain), with subsidiaries in Sunrise (Florida, USA), Hong Kong and Shenzhen (China), and specializing in surface metal finishing machinery, with DLyte and MURUA; medical devices with GPA MEDICAL, Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) with GPASEABOTS and high-performance power electronics with POWER INNOTECH. GPAINNOVA has a team of more than 200 professionals on staff and more than 35 engineers, and had a revenue of €15.8 million in 2020. GPAINNOVA has been selected by Financial Times among the 1,000 Europe's Fastest Growing Companies in 2020 and 2021.

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Telephone: (+34) 931 256 536

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