Customized installations for specific requirements

The DLyte systems can be easily integrated into any manufacturing line, requiring highly complex grinding and polishing processes.

Our modular solutions can be fully integrated in your production line where full automation of the workflow and large batches and heavy pieces can be treated efficiently.

Compared to the other existing dry-electropolishing machines, DLyte 10.000 can polish hundreds of parts simultaneously. The parts are attached to 4 holders, each with a maximum volume Ø 450 mm, and 650 mm height.


Crane Configuration

Hard work for mass production industry with 24/7 working hours.

# Healthcare, Industry, Aesthetic parts, Repeatability

Robot Configuration

Installation for challenging industries with comples geometries.

#  Aeronautics, Industry with big parts production. 

Advanced configuration (Crane + Robot)

Versatile and faster installations for challenging industries with 24/7 working hours.

# Big industry production.

Wide range of materials

DLyte10.000 delivers the full range of electrical parameters, from low to high frequency, parameter concatenation and asymmetric voltage. 

In addition, it allows the user to search the ideal parameters for its pieces in the library of processes in the Polishing Manager APP. 


Cobalt Chrome 

Stainless Steel

Carbon Steel


Nickel Alloys

Aluminium Alloys

Copper Alloys

Titanium Alloys

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Project development, integration and set up

We support with engineering services, development of surface finishing processes, machinery definition, integration, set up, training, on-site consulting and services in the digital field to enhance machine availability and optimize manufacturing processes.

Different configurations depending on your needs

The system is completely modular to fit the customer needs. Different materials, sizes and complex multi-process projects can be achieved thanks to the great versatility of this product.

Crane system with 1.000kg load

Industrial crane system with 4 spindles can process several parts at the same time with precise and robust mechanisms which can be combined freely to deliver homogenous finishing across the surface.

The holder module is designed to operate 4 holders simultaneously, each of them being able to hold several parts at once. The polishing working area of the holder is  450 mm diameter and  650 mm height. The holder is a standard design and the part fastening and its distribution are completely customizable.

Working volumes:

From 4 piece up to 450mm x 450mm x 650mm 

to 200 pieces up to 50mm x 50mm x 50mm

Industrial robot for complex geometries

The fully integrated 6-axis robot allows the treatment of large parts with complex geometries.  The robot module is designed to polish large parts with complex geometries which could not be polished with a common holder. It consists on a robotic arm and a steel structure to support it and locate it at an operative height. The high capacity tank allows to polishing parts up to 750x500x500 mm with the robot.

The robot can lift up to 120kg parts with its 6 standard axes design, this weight is reduced to 100kg due to the GPA modules added to the robot

Working volumes:

1 piece up to 750mm x 500mm x 500mm 

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Electrolysis module

In this module is where the electrolysis process for part polishing is generated. The process uses 400A, provided by 4 power supplies of 100A each.

The module consists on a rotating and vibrating tank with an air circuit and a cathode system to perform an electropolishing process.

The main motor is controlled with a drive located in the electrical cabinet, it is connected to the tank axis with a transmission belt.

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Custom installation projects according to your requirements

Improve your production processes and make them more efficient by achieving a better result from your products. We will study your case in detail to offer you the best solution. Contact our engineering department for more information.

Easy media loading and unloading

Easy, quick and safe electrolyte media loading and unloading in the work bowl with the Electrolyte vacuum system provided as accessory for DLyte systems. 


Improving every day to offer the best service

From engineering services for the development of surface finishing processes, to training, on-site consulting, machine set up, new production setup, technical service and spare parts, advanced training for operation and maintenance of the equipment and services in the digital field to enhance machine availability and optimise manufacturing processes.

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DLyte samples processing 

Send us your samples and we will be happy to develop the best surface finishing process to achieve your processing goal.


With the disruptive DryLyte Technology

 DLyte systems combines the electrical flow created by a high-precision rectifier with movement of the pieces through the solid electropolishing media to remove roughness from the pieces

Easy waste management
and low waste and
water consumption 

DLyte system does not require closed-up system to recycle water and sludge waste treatment machinery with the corresponding space, labor, water and environmental license costs savings. The disposal of the dry electrolyte is handled by Standard services.

Improvement of the working environment

The DLyte process does not require any rubber tip, electrolytic bathing or brushing, but simply an abrasive preparation beforehand. By reducing the traditional multi-step process, DLyte improves working conditions, and drastically reduces the toxicity of the current polishing.