Desktop Series. All the DLyte features in an ultra-compact system.

DLyte Desktop

Compact Series. High value and efficiency for small productions.

Dental · Healthcare · Industrial

Pro Series. Powerful, versatile and faster for mass productions.

Pro500 · Automated Cell

Modular Solutions. Mass production for large and complex pieces.

DLyte 10,000

Electro Blasting. Localized surface finishing projection system.

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DLyte Desktop
All the features from DLyte,
available in an ultra-compact system.
The new DLyte Desktop gathers all the advantages of any
DLyte system and 
allows any company to access
the disruptive dry electropolishing technology. 

DLyte Desktop is available in two versions: DLyte Desktop Dental, for dental sector and ready for the treatment of CoCr, and DLyte Desktop PRO, suitable for pieces made of CoCr, stainless steel, and titanium.

It is accessible to small laboratories, workshops, workrooms and SMEs needing a cost-effective solution for metal surface finishing processes.From grinding to mirror finishing, this new set-up offers a new easy way to process any casting, sintering or milling metal parts.

Accessible to All 

With a wide range of materials, easy-to-use platform, and affordability, DLyte Desktop offers high-quality surface finishing so that every company can access it. 

Quick Coupling and Releasing of the Holder 

The new and convenient holder fixation system with easy pressure and automatic locking system reduces the loading and unloading times. 

Plug and Play 

Any professional will learn how to use DLyte Desktop easily, without prior knowledge. 

The DLyte Desktop does not require special installation. It operates with a standard household electrical plug.

Advanced and Intuitive Interface

In a matter of minutes, users can begin surface finishing metal parts from the comfort of their desktop. Pre-set settings and opt-in advanced controls allow every technician to finish high-quality metal parts at the press of a button.


* Additional Software Packages for treatment of Copper, Nickel, Aluminium and Steel are available with Dlyte Desktop PRO.

Technical Specifications

Machine dimensions: 450 x 521 x 471 mm 

Machine weight: 33 kg 

Power: 1,7 kW 

Voltage: 230 V* 

DLyte Desktop PRO Brochure


DLyte Desktop Dental Brochure


The DLyte system combines the electrical flow created by a high-precision rectifier with movement of the pieces through the solid electropolishing media to remove roughness from the pieces.


Cobalt Chrome 

Stainless Steel

Carbon Steel


Nickel Alloys

Aluminium Alloys

Copper Alloys

Titanium Alloys

Wide Range of Materials

DLyte Desktop delivers the full range of electrical parameters, from low to high frequency, parameter concatenation and asymmetric voltage. 

In addition, it allows the user to search the ideal parameters for its pieces in the library of processes in the Polishing Manager app. 

Lower Costs

The treatment does not require manual processing, reducing its labor costs and eliminating the need to rework parts and the production of defective parts.

The dust emitted during manual polishing is dangerous for health.


Clean & Safe

The automation of surface finishing with DLyte Desktop protects technicians from the exposure to the chemical agents at work. The consumables used are safe and clean, without hazards of chemical liquids waste or dust during the process. 

The equipment boasts the latest technology and it fits into a tiny box. It is extremely space-saving as it can be operated on top of a 450 mm x 521 mm table. When space is limited DLyte Desktop brings high output in a very small case. The new mechanical design ensures an exceptionally smooth and silent operation. 

Ultra-Compact & Silent
Simple Electrolyte Handling and Storage

The use of a solid electrolyte guarantees an easy, quick, and safe electrolyte media loading and unloading. This process with our 3L electrolyte container can be completed in less than a minute. When the machine is not being used, the electrolyte should be taken out and stored to preserve optimum performance. The simple loading and unloading process makes it easy to keep your machine operating at peak performance.

DLyte Desktop is a totally connected machine. It comes with Ethernet and USB ports, and it connects to the new client’s portal in the cloud “DLyte HUB”. 

The new customer portal that unifies all the services you need to achieve high-quality finishing.

How the system works?

Step 1.

The parts are clamped onto the holder.

Watch Our Webinar

Discover the disruptive dental polishing system.

Our Dental Product & Sales Manager, Jeremy will drive you through a live presentation of automated polishing of metal dental parts.


DLyte: Automated polishing of cobalt chrome partial dentures

Discover the new DLyte Desktop Series:

1.- Highlights of the product
2.- Novelties VS current DLyte machinery
3.- Advantages of DLyte Desktop PRO vs current state of art technologies
4.- Q&A

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DLyte Samples Processing 

Send us your samples and we will be happy to develop the best surface finishing process to achieve your processing goal.