From small to large productions

DLyte Dental offers a large range of solutions to meet the Dental laboratories requirements according to finishing needs and production quantities.

The entire product range allows automation of the finishing process ensuring high scalability and performance.


Solution for treating Cobalt Chrome alloys.

Solution for treating Titanium alloys.

Solution for treating Cobalt Chrome and Titanium alloys.

Most Common Applications

Dental RPD’s: Removal Partial Dentures

Dental crowns

Dental Bars, implant bridges

Dental abutments

DLyte100D® series are the biggest lab/compact available machines using the patented Drylyte technology for grinding and polishing cobalt chrome and titanium alloys for the dental industry. It is designed for medium to big-size dental laboratories. Available for all types of dental skeletals, spacers, crowns, bars, anatomic structures, implants and orthodontics brackets. Capacity of 9 RPD, 16 crowns or cemented structures, 16 bars or implant bridges and more than 50 abutments for each working cycle with an average of 50-60 minutes time cycle.

180 Ø x 80 mm

Max. size per piece

The workpieces are clamped in specially designed holding systems in the DLyte machines. The holder of DLyte100 is dragged with a combination of planetary movement and vertical back-and-forth motion inside the drum containing the Dry electrolyte media. The machine includes a high-performance cathode inside the perimeter of the drum allowing uniform electrical fields to achieve homogeneous results across the surface.  The automatic media conductivity adjustment system consists in a conductivity tester and a high precision pump which adjusts the media conductivity automatically.


The combination of precise hardware and software, intelligent electronic parameter monitoring and optimal media flow control ensures the process optimization and electrolyte media performance stability ensuring a constant process quality along the media life. The powerful software includes a database where piece specific process parameters can easily be stored and managed.


Hardware Features

Programmable cycle time

Automatic parameter adjustment

Automatic media conductivity adjustment

Storage capacity for X process configurations

Variable motors speed and movement

Software Features

Digital interface

Customizable settings

Process data can be loaded/unloaded onto external USB storage drive

Ergonomic loading and unloading of holder

Quick and easy change of media

Anti-vibratory support with wheels for easy handling

Easy and low maintenance costs

Very low noise emissions thanks to the acoustic insulation system

No dust emission

Very low gas emissions

CE certificate

“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 850192“

DLyte Compact Series

DLyte Dental

DLyte Healthcare

DLyte Industrial

DLyte PRO Series

DLyte PRO500

DLyte Modular Solutions

DLyte 10.000


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