The only automated system that provides better results than hand polishing


BY UP TO 80%





The final solution for dental

DLyte Dental provides a surface finishing solution to the most common dental metal alloys. The dental applications for DLyte range from grinding to high gloss polishing of dental parts. DLyte allows polishing of casting, sintered and milling parts.

Cobalt chrome
and titanium

DLyte offers a high-quality finishing for cobalt chrome and titanium for the dental industry. Available for all types of dental skeletals, spacers, implants, and orthodontic brackets. One of the most important innovations of the DLyte system is the ability to polish titanium parts.

Better results than manual polishing in one step

The polishing action based on the innovative dry electropolishing reaches every corner of the piece, so it can process inner cavities which can not be accessed mechanically. DLyte allows polishing casting, sintered and milling parts using the DryLyte Technology.

Respects tolerances

Preserves the initial shape

Mirror finishing and homogeneous results 

Lower costs

The treatment does not require manual processing, therefore it reduces labor costs and eliminates the need to rework parts and the production of defective parts.

The dust emitted during manual

polishing is dangerous for health.

Time saving

DLyte is an automatic process which reduces the complexity of the current multi-step processes. The entire process is completed in one step.

Controlled production 

According to polishing needs,

production quantities, and/or piece dimensions, DLyte offers a unique solution to meet the needs of the dental industry with traceable and predictable results.

Comparison between traditional polishing and DLyte system
comparativa dental copia.jpg
Easy waste management
and low waste and water consumption 

The DLyte system does not require a closed-up system to recycle water and sludge waste treatment machinery with the corresponding space, labor, water and environmental license costs savings. The disposal of the dry electrolyte is handled by standard services.

Improvement of the working environment

The DLyte process does not require any rubber tip, electrolytic bathing or brushing, but just a simply abrasive preparation beforehand. By reducing the traditional multi-step process, DLyte improves working conditions, and drastically reduces the toxicity of the current polishing.

From small to large production requirements
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How the system works?

Step 1

The parts are clamped onto the holder


—  Kurashige Dental Laboratory (Japan)

“It enables uniform quality of metal parts of custom-made dentures and contributes to improving the wearing comfort of patients who use dentures. In addition, the introduction of this machine has made it possible to partially automate the grinding and polishing processes for metal parts, which had the highest labor burden in conventional denture manufacturing, and to reduce the number of process personnel by one.”


“This system saves our customers not only a lot of money and time, but it also produces absolutely repeatable, high-quality polishing results,”  “By using the DLyte 10D, processing time can be reduced by up to 80% compared to manual work, depending on the application.”

—  Ralph Ziereis, General Manager of
      the TEAMZIEREIS GmbH (Germany)


L’arrivée de la machine DLyte au sein du laboratoire Bienfait a apporté plusieurs choses positives :

- Un gain de temps de production très appréciable au quotidien.
- Une amélioration des conditions de travail des techniciens en châssis métalliques.
- Une économie des consommables de polissage des alliages non négligeables.

—  Didier Goujon. Responsable service
adjointe du Laboratoire Bienfait

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DLyte: Automated polishing of cobalt chrome partial dentures


- DLyte, The only automated system that provides better 

  results than hand polishing.
- Reduce costs up to 80%.
- Make your production more flexible.
- Standardize your production.