The most advanced, powerful and versatile

surfe-finishing machine on the market

Precise metal

surface finishing

for mass production

The new DLytePRO500 performs high quality metal surface-finishing better, faster and more efficiently with processing times ten times better than current technologies.


This machine brings the disruptive Drylyte Technology based on electropolishing using solid media to mass production. 

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High capacity

and versatility

The great versatility and high capacity with multiple work piece holding system and a wide range of material compatibility maximizes return on investment.


Large work piece quantities can be handled as DLytePRO500 is equipped with 8 perimeter spindles for single or multiple work pieces per holder, optimizing capacity and performance.

Powerful and innovative

Best in class repeatability, easy operation and high output is achieved through innovative power electronics, using the new SIC Pulser technology with its precise, high-precision rectifiers.

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Intuitive with customizable programs

Advanced electronics combined with our new intuitive software, allows customization of program parameters throughout the cycle process, maximizing performance and results for a wide range of materials. It also optimizes the use of the electrolyte consumable, and displays the condition of the electrolyte as well as the remaining lifespan guaranteeing repeatability and consistency between cycles.

high performance and homogeneity

DLytePRO500’s high performance and homogeneity is achieved through adaptative independent cathodes located in the perimeter and bottom of the work bowl.

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Time reduction

and easy use

The new holder fixation system with positive pressure fixation and automatic pneumatic locking system improves ergonomics, loading and unloading times and allows full automation of the loading process.

Easy waste management and low waste and

water consumption 

DLyte system does not require closed-up system to recycle water and sludge waste treatment machinery with the corresponding space, labor, water and environmental license costs savings. The disposal of the dry electrolyte is handled by Standard services.


“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 850192“

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