A revolution in metal surface finishing

DLyte is a global leader in the world of metal surface finishing equipment.

"We are reinventing the way manufacturing teams are able to produce high quality metal surfacing. Whether for small batches or large, we provide the most advanced equipment across the globe."

The new concept of polishing

DLyte is a technological solution that automatize, simplifies and standardizes the post-process of metal parts, improving the finishing results obtained with traditional polishing systems. Provides a solution to the most common industrial metals and alloys. The applications for DLyte finishing technology range from grinding, rounding and deburring to surface smoothing and high gloss polishing of aesthetic parts.

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The First Dry

Electropolishing System

With the disruptive Drylyte Technology based on electropolishing using solid media to mass production. DLyte systems combines the electrical flow created by a high-precision rectifier with movement of the pieces through the solid electropolishing media to remove roughness from the pieces

Polishing systems adapted to all needs

Compact Series

High value and efficency for small productions focused on sectors.

Working volumes: From 75mmØ x 50mm to 180mmØ x 80mm

* Dental, Healthcare, Industrial, Aeronautics and Jewelry

PRO Series

Powerful, versatile and faster for mass productions.

Working volumes: Up to 500mmØ x 300mm

* Healthcare, Aeronautics, Industry, Aesthetic parts

Installations. Modular solutions.

Mass production installations for challenging industries.

Working volumes: Up to 750mm x 500mm x 500mm

* Healthcare, Aeronautics, Industry, Aesthetic parts

Intuitive softwares with predefined polishing programs

All DLyte systems incorporate an intuitive, easy-to-use software with predefined programs that are adjusted to the polishing needs of each piece due to its geometry, material or customer needs.

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Improving every day to offer the best service

From engineering services for the development of surface finishing processes, to training, on-site consulting, machine set up, new production setup, technical service and spare parts, advanced training for operation and maintenance of the equipment and services in the digital field to enhance machine availability and optimise manufacturing processes.


"It enables uniform quality of metal parts of custom-made dentures and contributes to improving the wearing comfort of patients who use dentures. In addition, the introduction of this machine has made it possible to partially automate the grinding and polishing processes for metal parts, which had the highest labor burden in conventional denture manufacturing, and to reduce the number of process personnel by one."

Kurashige Dental Laboratory (Japan)

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DLyte samples processing 

Send us your samples and we will be happy to develop the best surface finishing process to achieve your processing goal.

“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 850192“

DLyte Compact Series

DLyte Dental

DLyte Healthcare

DLyte Industrial

DLyte PRO Series

DLyte PRO500

DLyte Modular Solutions

DLyte 10.000

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